Monday, December 3, 2012


December is here! Ryan and I went out to get our Christmas tree this past weekend and here it is:

It's a smaller tree that fits just right in the little corner of our apartment.  We ended up using my IKEA heart lights for the tree since our single strand of white lights didn't seem quite enough.  I love our little tree! This is the very first Christmas tree Ryan and I have had since we got married.  Our first year we were gone for most of the month so we didn't bother getting one.  I love how it makes our apartment smell - it's like instant Christmas when we walk in the door.  

And I finally decided what to do with some of my thicker Scandinavian ribbon (thank you for the many suggestions btw!) for the craft fair: headbands! Simple, quick, and cute.  And if they don't sell well at the fair at least I can give them away as gifts to some of my Scandinavian friends and family.  The fair is almost here! Just a few more things to get together and test out before the big day.  I will make sure to have Ryan snap a few photos of our booth so I can share with you all later.

Happy Monday all! :)


  1. Your tree looks lovely, the headbands are so nice. Happy Advent!

  2. I really like the idea of using the ribbons for headbands, can't wait to see photos of your booth :)

  3. Great tree, love its sweet simplicity!

  4. Can't imagine that every headband won't sell! Great idea for the ribbon!

    And thank you for sharing your tree! I LOVE seeing holiday trees! Still coveting those heart lights however!!! :-)