Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shibori Indigo Class

This weekend I got to take an amazing Shibori Indigo class with Glennis Dolce for my birthday (thank you Ryan and fam!) and it was incredible! I have never dyed with indigo before and it was so fascinating.  Did you know the indigo dye is actually greenish-yellow when in its dye form and it doesn't turn into the beautiful blue until it becomes oxidized?! I definitely had no clue until yesterday.

Below is one of my favorite dyed indigo swatches from class.  It was directly from Japan and quite intricate.

Here is one of the vats of the dye:

Here are our pieces drying after dying:

More pieces out to dry:

This is one piece I did that I tried to add a Scandinavian touch to. :-)  I used a picture of some Rosemaling as inspiration and broke it down into a basic design.  Then I used a folded running stitch before dying.  It was time consuming and tedious, but I am glad I gave it a go.

 The piece above was done on linen. I loved the linen the most of all the fabrics we got to work with.  We also got to work with bamboo batting, raw silk, different cottons, silk noil, hemp, antique trims, and a couple other fabrics that I don't remember the names of.

And after class, I compiled a few of my favorite swatches and threw them into a frame for fun.  We had this frame around from Goodwill last year so I flipped the art around and arranged my swatches on the other side.  Ryan has coined it, "Color study #1". 

[sidenote: sorry for the dark, glare-y photo]

Overall, I learned a ton and met some really fun people.  A success! 

Happy almost Thanksgiving!!


  1. what a fun class ~ loving all the blues :)

  2. glad you enjoyed the class! it was a pleasure at the JANM as usual. i like the framed display of your shibori samples. i hope you continue to explore the possibilities of shibori.

    1. It was my first class at JANM and it was great, I can't wait to check out other classes they offer (and yours too!). I will definitely continue to explore shibori, there is so much to learn!! :)