Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scandinavian Festival 2012

Well folks, I have to say, the Cal Lutheran Scandinavian Festival was one of the best Scandinavian festivals I've been to in the States - so cute!  There were Swedish meatballs, Dala horse croquet, vikings, aebleskivers, and the ABBA Girlz.  It was pretty fantastic.

Look how excited Ryan is for the fun to begin!

This man was walking around playing this old, Swedish instrument - the key fiddle, it sounded really neat.

They had a viking area where kids could dress up as little vikings, it was precious.  I can't wait to take my nephew here next year, he would make one cute little viking!

And they had demonstrators all over the festival explaining different aspects of Scandinavia.  Along with different craft tents for kids to make all sorts of fun projects from viking whip cords (made from yarn) to Danish paper cutting.

And I had never seen Dala horse croquet before, too cute!  

The festival was complete with a Maypole and dancing!  We sang many songs in Swedish and a few in English too.  This was probably my favorite part of the festival. 

And there was food galore!  Ryan and I tried the meatballs, aebleskivers, and lefse.  All delish.

The ABBA Girlz were a definite highlite of the festival.  

Everyone loved dancing along...

And we found a tent dedicated to spinning!  These ladies were using various spindles to spin some yarn.  There was also a small craft fair area where you could find random Scandinavian crafts and goods.  It was a pretty darn fun day overall.  Success!

We will definitely be back next year!


  1. looks like it was a super fun day, with fabulous weather... I've never seen Dala horse croquet ~ that sure is adorable !!

  2. How fun! I think we may have something similar in the Seattle (Ballard) area... you've inspired me to look into it!


  3. I wonder if there will be dala horse croquet in Sweden when I visit this summer. lol.

    1. I had never seen Dala horse croquet before in my life! I loved it! Let me know if you find it over in Sweden. Where are you going there??

  4. How wonderful! Looks like you had a great time! No wonder, I would love to go myself. :-)

  5. There was Dala Horse Croquet in Kingsburg this past weekend at the Swedish Festival.