Sunday, March 25, 2012

My little kitchen garden

First and foremost, please excuse the ugly and messy state that my patio is currently in.  We had a huge downpour of rain today and it has left some serious dirt, leaves, and the like spewed on our patio.

Secondly, I wanted to share a few items that I've planted over the past couple months, most of which have been from my kitchen scraps.

Here's a cute little potato that I had found sprouted in my produce bowl.  I cut off a section of the potato and planted it about 1.5 months ago.  Now there is a lovely little leafy thing going on.

Next up we have an onion (also found sprouted in the produce bowl) and a pineapple top.  The onion appears to have gotten beaten down by the rain.  I'm hoping that it doesn't die...yikes.  

But my favorite kitchen scrap plant by far is the pineapple.  I mean, who knew you could even plant one?!  Well, apparently a lot of people on the world wide web, but not me!  You just cut off the top with about 1-2 inches of the pineapple still on, then plant.  That's it!  I will eventually have to replant in a larger pot as they supposedly get rather gigantic.  And eventually it will even produce another pineapple!  

Today I started an avocado pit in my kitchen which I hope someday I have space to plant the tree.  And next I want to try to plant a sweet potato - I hear they grow a lovely ivy.

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend!


  1. you have such a green thumb !
    interesting... I didn't know you could plant some of these things...

  2. I have tried to grow a pineapple with little success, yours looks great! Amazon has a book called, TheShoestring Gardner, that is a free Kindle download-it has tons of these types of ideas! Let us know how the sweet potato goes!!!