Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Have Fun

Ever since I started canning again, I began to save all my glass jars from pasta sauce and the like.  Unfortunately, you can't safely use those jars for canning, but I've been finding many other ways to make good use of them!

I began storing my grains and dry beans in the glass jars in my cupboard.  It makes things look far more organized, plus  it helps save on space since we don't really have a pantry at our apartment (oh the joys of LA apartments...).  Then I figured, why not use them for decoration?  So I threw a tea light in each of the jars and put them out on our back porch table.  

What to do next?  Maybe pour wax in the jars and make giant candles?!


  1. I love this! Not only is is simple and pretty, but it represents a very sensible and environmentally friendly way to reuse materials. The jar can be used for storage indefinitely of course (and I love storing my dry items in jars too BTW). And by adding the little tea light, you can have your candle and eat it too! And BEST of all, you have transformed your glass jars in such a way that the glass remains recyclable.

    Bravo you!