Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hand-spun yarn

As I was organizing some bags of craft supplies, I came across a few older crafts I haven't done in a while, like these balls of hand-spun yarn. I began spinning in college and was instantly hooked. I used a drop-spindle, and while it takes quite a while to get a decent amount of yarn spun, it is so addicting!

These are just a few of the balls I completed. I only ever knitted a hat from the yarn I spun, but would love to do a bigger project with all hand-spun yarn. I love multi-step projects. Buying the wool (one day I'd love to have my own sheep for wool!), spinning the wool, winding into balls, choosing a pattern, knitting the said pattern and then wearing (or gifting) the final product!

My next knitting project will be knitted Christmas stockings for me and Ryan's first Christmas!


  1. These yarns (or wool, as we refer to it here in NZ), look so delightfully soft.

    Andrea x

  2. Thanks Andrea, I love the texture of wool. :)

  3. Beautiful! you inspire me to get out my spinde! it has been sadly neglected this past couple of months.