Monday, August 29, 2011

Spiced Carrot Pickles

Yes, carrot pickles. After living in Japan and eating pickled veggies with practically every meal, I've recently started to miss it. Good thing I've been in a canning phase, because I've found sound pretty awesome pickled veggie recipes. Today I tried my hand at some pickled carrots.

I was inspired by Marisa's (Food In Jars) pickled carrots and went from there. I used a blend of coriander, pepper flakes, garlic, chinese star anise, and crushed bay leaves for my spice blend for the brine. I'm anxious to dig in...but I have to wait until they are fully pickled!

I'm planning on keeping these in the refrigerator, so I didn't process them to make them shelf-safe. If they turn out well, I'd love to make a larger batch...maybe even use baby carrots? Wouldn't those be cute? I love mini things.


  1. I've never hear of carrot pickles before... baby carrot ones would be cute :D

  2. Yes, I am definitely going to try baby carrot pickles next time!

  3. I love pickles of any kind ( without having lived in Japan :-) Have not attempted to make my own ones but it is never too late. Thanks for this.

  4. The only other kind of pickles I used to eat before Japan were pickled beets (also on my list of veggies to pickle next...), what are some other good veggies you like pickled?

  5. Actually, my sweetie always picks up a bunch of pickled carrots at our favorite little Mexican restaurant - well it is more of a take-out place.

    But apparently pickled carrots with a touch of heat are a favorite condiment in Mexico - at least that is what my sweetie says!

    Might be fun to seek some out in an authentic, family owned place near you to see how they differ.

    Good for you taking the plunge and making your own!

  6. I make a similar version but without the anise and a couple hot peppers in each jar! Love pickled carrots- thanks for the inspiration for the weekend!

  7. Pam, what a great idea to find a local place for some authentic ones! I never knew it was a Mexican staple. I must find some now! :)

    Chrysalis, a hot pepper addition would have been fantastic - great idea! Next time I will definitely throw one in. :)