Monday, August 22, 2011

Dala Round-Up: Week 4

Hi all! Today is the last day of the Dala Horse Craftalong. It has been so much fun seeing what you've created and how everyone has been so excited about this! Here are a few of the latest additions to the Craftalong Flickr group:

Christina (Golden Lilly Crafts) made this adorable Dala Lavender Heart Pillow.

Muriel (Hopfaldera) created this cutesy Dala pouch. I love the stitching on this, so, so, so cute!

Meg (Megacrafty) made this amazing and intricate polymer clay ornament!

Thank you all so much for joining in the Dala crafting fun! It was such a blast seeing what everyone made and how many different Dala projects were made!

Just because the Craftalong is over doesn't mean you can't still make something Dala-themed. Feel free to keep adding any additional photos and projects to the Flickr group here.


  1. It has been a blast, hasn't it?! And I have loved everyone's enthusiasm and creativity. And Christine - can you believe her? I think she was smitten by Dalas!

    Believe it or not, i am now the proud owner of that beautiful polymer Dala ornament above, and the sweet quilled Dalla card - both made by Meg at MegaCrafty. she sent them to me as a gift! Can you even believe it?

    Thank you back Kathryn for playing and again for the apron pattern. The easiest apron I ever made - ever! And the prettiest, too!

    In fact, I have cut one out with pumpkins all over it!

  2. Thank you for adding my little pouch! Those horses are all so cute! I had fun with the craftalong!!

  3. I haven't even had the time to look into the flickr pool this week so this is a great post for me. I'm diggin' all of these horses, and the inventiveness of it all. A gingerbread horse, imagine that!

    Thanks for doing the post!