Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mr. Glue-gun

I bought my very first glue-gun about a month ago.
Meet Mr. Glue-gun, the lean, mean gluing machine:

It was an impulsive buy. I usually try to avoid impulsive buys by telling myself that if I don't have a project for it, I can't buy it. I didn't have specific purpose in mind for Mr. G, but thought any self-respecting crafter should own one. Plus, it was only a dollar.

Then today while I was trying to think of crafty things to do I thought about projects I could do with Mr. G. And this headband idea came to mind.

It was so simple! I had all this leftover felt from the Dolls for Haiti project and found a plain, black headband at the dollar store. I cut out gray and white petals out of the felt, and similar petals from mesh. Then just glued it on a circular piece of felt which I then glued on the headband.
Viola, finished! (please pardon my super shiny forehead here, it's the flash...I promise...)

Job well done, Mr. Glue-gun.

I've linked this post to Just Something I Whipped Up over at The Girl Creative.


  1. Wow, it looks so professional! Well done, Mr. G.!

  2. That's so cute. My daughter is very into headbands right now. We may just make some of these together. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Of course, every crafter needs the glue gun at the hip, lol.

    Well done with the headband, it looks great! And to only get the gun for $1!!!! Wow.

    By the way, your forehead looks great :D
    and thanks for leaving such a cool message for me with scripture. Love it!!

  4. Thanks everyone, they're super easy to make, give one a whirl! :)