Friday, August 6, 2010

The new crafting book

I stumbled across this little book after making a quick trip to the fabric store for a zipper. Before I knew it I was browsing the books and patterns and walked away with this little guy. The title? I have no idea. I still don't read much Japanese. Maybe it's simply called, Headbands. Your guess is as good as mine.

What I do know is that there are super cute patterns and ideas for various headband and hair- clip accessories. I bought some cute fabric for making a thick headband with a cute modern bow. I haven't started it yet, but pictures will be coming soon.
I really like the headband below with the fabric flowers. I think it looks quite elegant.

Oh yeah, remember scrunchies? They're still a pretty big deal over here. I can't say I'm hopping back on that bandwagon anytime soon, but there's some cute enough ideas in the book that I might try. Might.

I love the hairpins and other hairclip ideas they have in here. I'm definitely going to attempt a number of these. Especially this little flower hairpin. Cuteness.


  1. Really nice book, I love headbands. I've been crafting my own as well. Don't know how to do hair combs or pins yet. I look forward to seeing what you craft from this book :D

    Have an outstanding weekend!

  2. So cool, love the pins! Japanese crafting books always make me smile. In my Couture Home for Girls book, the second section is called "How to do sewing".