Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Excursion to China

Hutong in Beijing

Night market in Beijing

The Great Wall

The Forbidden City

China was great! Ryan and I arrived safely home after 12 days full of exploring Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau. Here is a condensed list of what we accomplished while we were gone:
  • Ate the most amazing Chinese food I've ever had
  • Bought great souvenirs
  • Went to awesome street markets
  • Saw some crazy eats: scorpions, snakes and cicadas to name a few
  • Went to the World Expo in Shanghai, amazing!
  • Experienced the greatness of The Great Wall in Beijing
  • Haggled and bargained for most everything we bought
  • Saw The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and Temple of Heaven
  • Saw the preserved body of Mao
  • Had the best tofu of my life, even Ryan loved it!
  • Took a ferry over to Macau for the day

I love vacations. I'm so ready for retirement. Only about 40 more years, can't wait!


  1. Your pictures are amazing. Seems like you had a wonderful time in China. So cool you and Ryan haggled, I'm so not good at that :D

    You're so funny, don't rush retirement, they say it's a killer. :D

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm following yours and just had to comment on these amazing photos you took of what I'm sure was an amazing trip! So jealous!

  3. Thanks! We had a blast exploring, haggling and snaping photos. :D