Monday, July 19, 2010

A glorious day at the beach

Ryan and I skipped over to Oarai beach yesterday to take full advantage of our extra day off. It's a pretty small beach town and when we arrived the next bus to the beach wasn't for another hour, so we just walked. It was a gorgeous day!

The beach was mostly rocks with patches of sandy spots. I found some lovely little broken shells that were washed smooth by the ocean. They're pearly and pretty and I I have good intentions about making some type of craft with them. I also enjoyed using my new straw hat! I look a little crazy in the picture but it's the only pic of me sporting the hat. :)And last, but certainly not least, my new stash of yarn! I know it's summer and that I should be getting summer colors...but I just love, love, love fall colors. Especially mustard yellow and brown together. The red yarn is for a different project, but I think I will knit (or attempt to crochet even?!) a winter hat for myself. Ravelry has lots of hat patterns (free!) I've been wanting to try.


  1. I love the hat! I so need one for the sun!

    If you don't have tortillas, do you have some sort of pita bread or something that would work for burritos? Thanks!

  2. Oh how lovely. The hat is great! I love big flouncy hats.

    Also, those yarns are BEAUTIFUL. So amazing - mustard is such a beautiful color, and it goes so well with just about everything! Good luck with the knitting or crocheting!

  3. Hi Kathryn, you look great in that straw hat! I'm wondering what you would do with those shells :D

  4. Oh, good idea - pitas! I think I've seen those around, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks! :)

    Thanks Becky, I think I found a great pattern too, I'm going to knit this one. :)

    Haha, I still can't quite figure out what to do with them...any suggestions Eve?! :)

  5. oh my gosh i love your blog! woo. and your straw hat is rockin!!!

  6. Hmmmm, :D sorry, no suggestions for the shells. But I'm sure you'll come up with something fun, what, I can't imagine :D