Sunday, May 30, 2010

I love needle felting!!!

Seriously, I can't believe I haven't tried needle felting before! I bought some loose wool fibers today at the craft store and decided to start small with making some simple coasters.

I've done felting before with knitting projects, but never with just loose wool. I read some felting 101 here that was very helpful.

The edges on the coasters aren't completely straight. I could have cut them for a smoother edge but I personally like the look of the natural felting. Once I felted the coasters into square-ish shapes I began the needle felting. It's way easier than I was expecting, just keep stabbing away with a felting needle! Just make sure the object you're felting onto is resting on a surface that you can stab on. I put my coaster on a thick (new) kitchen sponge and it worked perfectly. I noticed they sell special "stabbing boards" at the craft store but they just looked like giant sponges. I opted not to spend the $10 on one and used my cheap-o sponge instead. It was great. Felting is great. Wool is great.

And, of course, weekends are great.

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