Friday, December 13, 2013

Scandinavian Christmas: Day 1

The first day of Scandinavian Christmas is here! If you're new to the series, welcome! Every year, from December 13 - 25, I invite other Scandinavian bloggers and guests to share a favorite Scandinavian Christmas tradition, craft, or recipe. This year, there are some pretty creative posts and I'm so excited to share each one! Spread the word and come back everyday to check out the  new posts!

To kickoff the series, I'm going to share a tutorial for how to make some Swedish-themed magnets! I think they would make some cute stocking stuffers. :-)

You will need:

Mod Podge
Glass discs (I got mine on etsy)
Magnets for the back
1" hole punch (optional)
Printout of words and/or designs

First, printout some fun Swedish words in different fonts, leaving ample space between them so you can cut clean circles out. Some of the Swedish words I used were: God Jul (Merry Christmas), köttbullar (meatballs), fika (coffee break), kaffe (coffee), glögg (Swedish mulled wine), and Skål (cheers). 

Cut words out with scissors, or your 1" hole punch.

 Place a dab of Mod Podge on the paper, word side UP. Stick the the flat side of the glass disc. Smooth out any bubbles and trim any excess paper. Wait until dry and superglue a magnet to the back.

You can change it up too! Try adding pictures or different Scandinavian designs! Here are some Scandinavian map magnets:

And you can even package them if you feel so inclined:

A Swedish drink set!
[cheers, beer, Aquavit, wine]

And that's it! Hang your lovely magnets on your fridge and enjoy!

Glad Sankta Lucia Dag!

Thanks for checking out Day 1 of the series! Be sure to come back tomorrow to hear from Rachel!


  1. Oh I love it love it love it! Simple and sweet! Makes me smile!!!

  2. Oh, the Scandinavian map magnets are cute :)
    Looking forward to the whole series this year.
    Happy Saint Lucia day!!!

  3. Happy St Lucia Day, I love this project (must save my Norway travel maps)! I am really looking forward to this series and will be back tomorrow!

  4. Kathryn, thanks so much for creating this series and starting it out with such a cute project!

  5. I'm going to enjoy this series too. Both of my parents are from Sweden. I've blogged about Santa Lucia a few times in the past few years. Here are the links: and

    1. So glad you found the series! :) Thanks for the links to your Lucia posts!!

  6. We live outside of a small town that has a very strong Swedish heritage. We just had Santa Lucia last weekend. These will be great for teacher's gifts!! Thanks!!

  7. GREAT idea: Scandinavian Christmas 2013 with bloggers posting holiday crafts, one per day from December 13-25. I'm enjoying the posts from participants each day... a variety for sure! I especially like your glass map magnets! FIKA -- that's the name of the new gourmet restaurant located on the first floor of the recent new addition to the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. I've enjoyed delicious authentic Swedish fare for lunches and breakfast several times, plus touring the crafts and special exhibits at the Institute. A wonderful place, so please visit when in Minneapolis. In October 1974 I visited Sweden, traveling to London, Denmark, Sweden & Norway via train and ship, all lovely! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis

  8. I love these! What a fun way to repurpose. Merry Christmas!