Monday, July 25, 2011

Dala Tea Apron

Welcome! If you're not familiar with what's happening over here, you're in for quite a treat. Carina of Carina's Craftblog, Pam of Gingerbread Snowflakes, Hanna of iHanna, and myself are taking part in a Dala Horse Craftalong. And we want all of you to join in the Dala Horse fun! Create something inspired by the Dala Horse, anything you want and upload any pictures to the Flickr group here.

So, for my first Dala Horse project, I used this adorable fabric I found in Japan. I bought it not knowing what I would make with it.

[please forgive me for the horrible lighting of the following photos. Please also forgive the wrinkly nature of the fabric, I still don't have an iron yet!]

And I used up 1/2 of it making this apron.

[Yes, I am fake cooking in this photo]

This is one easy-peasy apron to make. Not only is it cute, but it's practical. I especially love wearing tea aprons when I'm washing dishes. If I had thought ahead to how much I love wearing tea aprons while washing dishes I would have added some oilcloth backing...alas, I just now am realizing this.

I'm working on a tutorial for this very apron, a scalloped-edge, easy-peasy, Dala Horsey apron. So you too can have yourself a Dala Horse apron. You could even use Carina's super-cute Dala Horse fabric!

Now, what else should I make with the leftover fabric? Hmmm...


  1. You had me in stitches - stirring all that yummy looking invisible food! You are the best!

    Your Dala apron is adorable! I haven't made an apron since Diane was in Girl Scouts - and after what I put her through making it neither has she no doubt!

    So I think I will take your advice, and make Diane and I each an apron using your pattern and Carina's fabric!

    Can't wait for the tutorial. Thank you in advance.

  2. Thanks, Pam! You will be able to make 2 of these in an afternoon with a long coffee break. :)

    Can't wait to see how they turn out with Carina's fabric!

  3. adorable fabric, adorable apron, & you're so cute fake cooking :)

  4. Love the appron on you! So pretty you look!